7 Popular Lead Magnets to Increase Conversions

How do you get people to sign up for your email list? By offering a high-value lead magnet in exchange for their name and email address. Here are the most popular types of lead magnets that convert. 


eBooks have remained popular for a long time because they’re easy to produce and publish. An eBook is a PDF file with a cover and table of contents. It can be as short or as long as you’d like it to be, from a short report to a full A-to-Z guide. You can create free content related to the eBook and then offer it for free as a download.  

Assessments or Quizzes

Whether you call it an assessment or a quiz, these engaging tools are highly effective lead generators. A quiz is a tool that can help determine that person’s current level of mastery and where they have knowledge gaps. On completion of the quiz you can provide them with a personalised report to provide further information. It also provides you with an opportunity to tailor your offers to their unique needs. 


Hold a webinar based on a topic that’s interesting to your target market. Teach them how to solve a problem or overcome a challenge they’re facing using your expertise. Make it interactive so they get the most out of it. The webinar is free to attend in exchange for signing up for your list.  

Video Training Course

Another idea for offering something educational is a free video training course. Take some long-term tasks that you can cut into bite-sized pieces and produce a video for each piece. You can send the videos in installments or give the subscriber access to the whole course at once when they sign up. 

Free Newsletter

Frame your email list as a free newsletter. Create a schedule for sending out your newsletter and pack it full of helpful tips, articles, interviews, and exclusive deals. Make sure you explain clearly to your potential subscribers exactly what they can expect from your publication. Offer a sample so they can see what they’ll get.  

Free Trial

If you have a membership site, software program, app, or other subscription-based services, offer a free trial in exchange for the person’s contact information. This serves a double purpose by getting them on your list and also offering a sample of your product. 


A toolkit takes a variety of media and puts it all together in one place, usually a zip file. It might include a workbook, checklists, a calculator, and video tutorials to show the subscriber how to use the tools, all related to a certain task or topic. 

Anything is fine as a lead magnet as long as it offers unique value to your audience. It should be something enticing enough for them to offer their name and address, and high quality enough to start off your relationship on the right foot.  

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