The Team

Team_Matthew (3)

Matthew Mason

Chief Learning Architect

After a career of training and educating (and falling off) race horses, Matthew fell into training people. After realising he had a talent for designing quality training resources, read more…


Urszula Bochynska

Learning Experience Designer

Ula triggered her love for e-learning when writing a thesis on Information society almost 20 years ago. Since then she, read more…


Mindy Cipres

Learning Experience Designer

Mindy converts words into interactive learning materials, ensuring the audience is highly engaged. She is read more…


Shiela Bongalosa

System and Automation Specialist

Shiela rediscovered her passion for Systems and Automation. Though she, read more…


Daniella Rodriguez

Executive Assistant

Daniella, a highly detail oriented and talented Virtual Assistant experienced in providing exceptional customer support and creating organized environments, following established practices and procedures to exceed expectations. She also, read more…


Yen Tolentino

Marketing Assistant

Yen has completed her bachelor’s degree in Information and Communications Technology yet she has opted in e-commerce and runs her small e-business for several years. She also, read more…

After spending almost a decade of his career in the BPO industry, managing multiple accounts and clients, Jomar took a leap of faith and ventured into, read more…

A writer for most of his waking life, Victor believes in the power of email, and preaches it too. He helps his clients fill their cohorts and sell their courses with the power of email marketing. With, read more…