Best of the Blogs – Video in Learning

In this month’s best of the blogs we turn our focus onto the use of video in learning.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.” - Olsen and Loquist

Video has become a common media for sharing and distributing information. We only have to have a look at increase of video on social media sites, such as Facebook. Surveys. Other data also highlight an increase in the use of video, such as Kaltura’s report on

The State of Video in Education 2016. In this report 86% of respondents say that their organization includes teachers actively using video in the classroom.

The Benefits of Video in Learning

Salman Khan in ‘Let’s use video to reinvent education’describes the transformative way video can impact on teaching and learning.

Liza Brown describes a number of benefits for teachers using video in the classroom and Cisco, in their report ‘The Impact of Broadcast and Streaming Video in Education discusses how video appears poised to be a major contributor to the shift in the educational landscape. Both of these articles discuss video in relation to the education sector, but most is equally relevant to corporate learning and development.

Video Learning Facts You Can Use to Make the Case for A Video Platform provides some more benefits on using video, which you can use if trying to make a business case for video in your learning.

With every type of educational medium there are positives and negatives. This article discusses 6 of the pros and cons of video learning.

How can video be used?

The article 14 Ideas for Using Video in Employee Training provides a number of ways traditional video can be used.

However, we should also consider some of the advancements available, including the use of Interactive Video and 360 degree video.

Rapt Media’s blog talks about What Interactive Video Is. In the eLearning Industry blog they talk about how Interactive Video Platforms Are The Future Of Online Learning. The article Is Interactive Video the Next Big Thing? you can see 3 creative examples of how interactive video is used.

360 degree videos now open up new options for bringing advanced contextualisation to online learning. In this interview Dreamtek’s general manager for video, Dharmesh Makwana, shares his insight into the extra impact 360 video can have on learning. He discusses the application of 360 video as well as the technical issues around it.

My final thoughts

Video has always been an excellent medium for engaging learners and as internet and download speeds increase it is only going to continue to provide better learning experiences. We at Superb Learning are having some great success with the development of 360 and interactive videos and can only see this medium becoming better in the future.

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