How to use The Social Dimension to Unlock the Power of High Ticket Programs

As coaches and consultants, you’re keenly aware of the vast assortment of high ticket learning or coaching programs available online. Have you ever stopped to wonder why some of these offerings are phenomenally successful while others fall short? The answer lies in the potent and often underestimated influence of the social aspect.

This social component carries a unique appeal that can manifest in a number of ways. Indeed, many high ticket learning or coaching programs center themselves around this social aspect, selling not just an educational experience but an exclusive membership to a rich, online community teeming with meaningful and stimulating discourse.

Other programs, meanwhile, incorporate this social facet more subtly. They ‘tack on’ an added bonus to their core offering, where participants gain access to an exclusive, VIP community, creating a rich tapestry of interpersonal connections and invaluable peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

In some instances, the social element operates as a powerful sales technique, becoming an integral part of the narrative. Anecdotes about other learners’ experiences are woven into the sales pitch, creating a shared community vibe. Why is this social aspect so pivotal and influential, you ask? Let’s delve deeper.

Belonging: A Potent Driver

Fundamentally, people are social creatures. We are wired to crave connection, to seek belonging, and to align ourselves with something larger than ourselves. This feeling of belonging, of being part of a shared journey, infuses an added sense of purpose and excitement into our lives.

As such, when presenting your high ticket coaching or learning program, it’s crucial to frame it as more than just a product or service. Your offering must embody a cause, a belief, a movement. Consider christening your community of learners with a unique name – like the ‘Transformation Tribe’ or ‘Success Squadron.’ This simple act provides your followers with a sense of allegiance, a commitment that could be a persuasive tool in itself. Better still, invite them to pledge their commitment even before they invest in the program.

Harnessing Social Influence

There’s no denying that social influence holds a formidable sway over human behavior. As individuals, we are profoundly impacted by the actions of others, using their choices as a compass to guide our own decisions.

Therefore, when promoting your high ticket program, leverage this aspect of social influence. Share stories of those who have already joined the program and experienced transformation. Your audience won’t want to be left behind on this path to success and growth – this strategy could have a compelling impact.

Social Proof: Trust Multiplier

The power of ‘social proof’ cannot be underestimated in selling high ticket coaching or learning programs. If potential clients perceive that your program has benefited many others, their trust in its value escalates, making them more inclined to invest in it themselves. Just think about it – why do you think businesses are so heavily invested in reviews and testimonials?

Exclusivity: The Allure of the Elite

Lastly, let’s not forget the human liking for feeling important and special, the irresistible charm of exclusivity. If you position your program participants as an elite group, a VIP community on a unique journey, then prospects will be enticed to join, fueled by a desire to be part of this select group themselves.


In summary, the social aspect is a potent tool in marketing and selling high ticket learning and coaching programs. By harnessing the power of belonging, social influence, social proof, and exclusivity, you can create an offering that resonates deeply with your audience, setting the stage for enduring success and growth.



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