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The knowledge in your head is invaluable, but intangible

Getting that knowledge out of your head and creating a superb learning experience so you can create impact, scale, and live the lifestyle you love is one of the greatest feelings you can experience as a coach, consultant, facilitator, or course creator. There is simply nothing else like it. That’s because you get to move into the Blue Ocean, where you enjoy the benefits of delivering impactful results while having a lifestyle business.

The Blue Ocean

The 2 Critical Factors

There are two key factors that really determine the results you’re getting and how successful you are at generating clients and being able to scale the business. 

One of those is obviously dependent on the volume of clients or the volume of work you’ve got coming in. This can scale between a low volume and a high volume. Ideally, we would want to have a high volume of clients. However, how we manage that volume and the amount of work we have to do is dependent on the other key factor

The Blue Ocean Formula

The Pillars for Success

Some days, creating a superb learning experience so you can create impact, scale and live the lifestyle you love might seem like a faraway dream. But, if you implement the right strategies, you can get there far sooner than you think. 

We’ve outlined the 6 essential pillars you need to create impact, scale and live the lifestyle you love.

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The Process

The Ultimate Leverage Formula

Based on over 20 years of learning design experience, where we have developed 1000’s of hours of learning content, across numerous industries and organisation types, we have developed a proven seven step process to transform your expertise into a wildly profitable course in 90 days.

This 7 step process will take you from having the knowledge stuck in your head, to having a course with students enrolled and engaged in it.

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The Benefits


Following our process and transforming your expertise into a profitable online course has a number of huge benefits.

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