Project Objective - Convert the content from the book "Someone Has to Be the Most Expensive, Why Not Make It You?" into an engaging online course.

Client: Andrew Griffiths​

Andrew Griffiths, a renowned expert, faced the challenge of translating his valuable insights from his book into a format that could deliver actionable outcomes through an online course.

Solution Offered:

To meet this challenge head-on, Mavenzeal executed the following steps:

  1. Book-to-Digital Transformation: Mavenzeal initiated the “Bookcase to Digital Space” project, dissecting the book’s content and repackaging it into an online course format.
  2. Tool and Template Development: We designed essential tools and templates to guide students through the course, enhancing their learning experience.
  3. Platform Integration: Leveraging the client’s Kajabi platform, we seamlessly integrated the course, ensuring a user-friendly interface.

Implementation Process:

  1. Defining the Destination: Our journey began by understanding Andrew’s goals, ensuring alignment with the course’s content and objectives.
  2. Deconstruction and Reconstruction: We meticulously deconstructed the book, extracting valuable insights and constructing a comprehensive course blueprint.
  3. Designing the Details: Every aspect of the course, including videos, templates, stories, and more, was carefully designed to create engaging learning experiences.
  4. Building Assets: Mavenzeal crafted templates, workbooks, and guides, providing students with tangible resources to apply their knowledge.
  5. Setting up Systems: We expertly built the course structure and seamlessly uploaded the assets into the Kajabi platform, ensuring a smooth learning journey.

Results and Impact:

The impact of Mavenzeal’s efforts was immediate, with the launch of the online course resulting in a significant boost in sales. Andrew Griffiths’ expertise was now accessible to a wider audience, and learners could benefit from his valuable insights in a structured and actionable format.

This case study demonstrates how Mavenzeal’s expertise in digital learning design successfully transformed a book into an effective online course, helping our client achieve their goals and generate immediate revenue.

Some words from Andrew on the project

For the fiscal year ended May 31, 2005, revenues increased 12 percent to $13.7 billion, compared to $12.3 billion in fiscal year 2004. Changes in currency exchange rates contributed three percentage points of this growth, while the acquisition of Converse and Starter added one point. Full year net income was up 28 percent to $1.2 billion, or $4.48 per diluted share, versus $945.6 million, or $3.51 per diluted share, in 2004.