The 5 Essential Tools to Record your Learning Assets

Video is becoming a more popular and beneficial way to communicate information and learn. As a course creator or content developer, you’re going to want to know the five essential tools for recording video to produce a successful learning asset.



One essential tool for video creation is to have the right camera for the job. A good, quality camera will help ensure that your visuals are adequately captured and allow your audience to follow your instruction better.

There are several camera options for recording your video assets.

Modern smartphones have advanced cameras in them and, for most online courses, the quality is good enough.

Webcams are a great tool for recording learnings assets, especially when combined with screen share tools, because you can walk viewers through the process as you do it. Webcams are also a good low-cost option, but it’s important to note that many of the low-end webcams give very poor picture quality that is not adequate for recording learning assets for online courses.


Even though smartphone cameras and webcams are adequate in some situations, you should still consider investing in a professional camera once you are established and you have sold some courses. The price and functionality of video cameras vary a lot, and if you are creating online courses, you do not necessarily need the most powerful camera out there. You do, however, need to make sure that you do not go for the cheapest option because it won’t give you the quality that you need.


Another element you’ll need when recording video is a microphone. The audio is a critical competent of your video. Sound quality is actually more important than video quality. If the video quality is adequate, that’s fine, but it is difficult for viewers to follow your content unless the sound quality is crystal clear. You’re going to need to pick up the sound clearly and concisely without any background noise or disruptions.

Lapel microphones are a great way to ensure that you get clear, crisp sound throughout your videos, so you shouldn’t rely on the built-in microphones on your camera because the quality will not be as good.

Lapel microphones can be very effective if you invest in a good quality one, but you should use a desktop or boom microphone for improved sound quality and clarity.

When choosing microphones for recording video, it is important to remember the law of diminishing returns; that means that a $300 microphone performs significantly better than a $100 one, but a $1000 microphone will not necessarily sound much different from a $500 one.


Lighting is an exceptionally essential tool that will help you record your learning assets. You need to be able to illuminate your subjects properly and ensure that there is no glare. You’ll want to apply the best practices when it comes to three-point lighting for optimal results.

Even if you are going to use a slightly cheaper camera or even film videos on your smartphone, it is vital that you invest in a good lighting setup.


Delivering a lecture or a tutorial in an engaging way is difficult, and you can’t do it all from memory, which is why you should consider investing in a teleprompter. If you do, you will find that the quality of your learning materials improves in a big way.

Video Editing Software

Editing is the final stage of the video creation process, and you need to make sure that you are using the right software. There will be errors that you’ll need to correct so that you can turn your recorded session into a final product you can actually use.
There are plenty of free options that many people find are adequate. If the features on the free video editing software are not advanced enough for your needs, you may want to consider paid video editing software instead.

Keep following our blog posts as we provide more information on these tools in the coming weeks, including a review of some of the best tools to use.

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