The 6 essential pillars needed to profit from your expertise

Some days, creating a superb learning experience so you can create impact, scale, and live the lifestyle you love might seem like a faraway dream. But, if you implement the right strategies, you can get there far sooner than you think.

We’ve outlined the 6 essential pillars you need to create impact, scale, and live the lifestyle you love.


Solid Strategy

If you’re serious about creating impact, scaling, and living the lifestyle you love, one of the first things you absolutely must do is to develop a solid strategy.

A solid strategy is necessary to understand where you want to go, the results you want to achieve and the market you want to target. This is where we align your ”why” – your passion and profession – with the goals of the business. Without a solid strategy, the course design and development will be like a rudderless ship. There will be no direction and extensive time will be wasted on the course design and development.

Client Clarity

Too few coaches, consultants, and course creators do this when it comes to transforming their expertise into an online course. Sadly, the consequences can be disastrous and prevent them from ever reaching their goals.

Without a clear idea of who is going to be accessing the content, how can you deliver an effective user experience? It is not just a case of putting content together, but having a clear understanding of the client persona – who they are, the problems they are experiencing, their needs, goals, motivations, and frustrations – and designing a solution that is going to solve the client’s problem.

Signature Solution

As well as having a solid strategy and client clarity, you need a signature solution if you’re ever going to create impact, scale, and live the lifestyle you love. This strategy is really powerful because it can help you get the knowledge out of your head and create a wildly profitable course in a MUCH shorter timeframe.

The signature solution is the packaging of your intellectual property into a product that easily expresses the outcome and value that you provide. It allows you to stand out and move out of the red ocean into your blue ocean of calm. A signature solution allows you to be able to differentiate your offer and make your competition irrelevant.

It is the ideal vehicle for moving your business from a position of trading time for money, working one-on-one, or delivering bespoke programs to a business that is scalable, has a greater impact, and provides the lifestyle that you desire.

Engaging Experiences

A lot of coaches, consultants, and course creators don’t know about this one – which is crazy because we think it’s an absolute MUST-DO when it comes to transforming your expertise into a wildly profitable course.

To have a profitable and successful course, it needs to provide an engaging experience. So often we see dull designs, where there is too much content or the course is just built with one medium (such as a video-only course). This can provide a learning experience that will actually disengage the learners.

Research has been done into the brain and memory which suggests that we have only so much information that we can retain in our brain. By having lengthy lessons, that are too long and contain numerous chunks of information people will start to switch off. They won’t be able to remember everything and end up with cognitive overload because they’ve got so much information going on in their head.

In addition, research has been conducted on how multimedia should be provided to ensure the most engaging learning experience. The assistance of a learning experience designer can help to create an engaging experience that people will desire, and tell others about.

Technology & Tools

The number one way to be able to stand out, get paid what you’re worth, and increase your reach is by taking your expertise online. To do this, you need to implement the appropriate technology and tools so that you can deliver, scale, and automate.

Technology and tools that you need to implement include learning platforms to deploy your online courses, virtual platforms if delivering a facilitated learning experience, and content delivery tools for generating desire in your offer. You also need to consider technology that will allow you to automate your offer. Systems that can automate the manual processes to save your time and automate them in a way that is going to still provide a positive experience to your users, if not, even better than what you’re doing before.

Selling System

This final element is essential, but often many coaches, con get this wrong and fail to move into the Blue Ocean, and often find themselves on the Deserted Island.

You need a selling system. Something that’s going to engage with the people who don’t know you yet, but where you can still provide value to them.

You’re also going to want to attract the people who are problem aware, who know the issue that they have a problem and allow you to engage with them and let them know how your signature solution will solve their problem. How you can move them from problem to prize?

Your selling system also needs to engage with those people who are solution-ready. Ready to join your signature solution.

By crafting your content in a number of different and educational ways, allows you to generate interest, provide information, and the opportunity for implementation, and then moving people into integration gives you this great engine that will help generate leads, sales, and valuable clients.

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