Besides a solid strategy and client clarity, you need a signature solution if  you are ever going to create impact, scale and live the lifestyle you love. This strategy is powerful because it can help you get the knowledge out of your head and allow you to leverage your expertise in a much shorter timeframe.  

The reality is that the knowledge in your head is invaluable, but it is intangible. If it’s in your head no one can take advantage of that value.  

A signature solution packages your intellectual property into a product that easily expresses the outcome and value that you provide. It is the ideal vehicle for moving your business from trading time for money, working one-on-one, or delivering bespoke programs to a business that is scalable, has a greater impact and provides the lifestyle that you desire. 

The problem we see with many coaches, consultants and facilitators (and many other service providers) is that they don’t know how to share their knowledge in a way that establishes them as a thought leader, and they are left in the Red Ocean of competition.  

The key thing they are lacking is a signature solution. 

Building credibility 

Creating a unique signature solution shows that you are enough of an expert to have developed a system to get the results that your clients need. It provides an instant boost to your credibility and allows you to attract the clients you want to serve. They can clearly see the results that your signature solution provides, and deciding to work with you becomes easy. 

Creating your unique signature solution is a great way to get out of the Red Ocean of competition and sharks and move into the Blue Ocean of calm. No one else will have your signature solution so it allows you to make the competition irrelevant. You are no longer just a business coach or sales trainer. You become known as the person with your Signature Solution (whatever name you give it) that follows a defined process, using your knowledge and expertise to achieve the desired results and providing great benefits. 

Building credibility in your niche, where you are known for your signature solution, will create many more opportunities for collaboration. People will want to work with you, because you have a solution to solve the problems of the client base that you share. You can enjoy the benefits of getting more attention, more referrals, and more business that collaboration provides. 

Defined structure 

Having a signature solution that you know works, gives you the framework to help your clients deliver amazing and impactful results. It provides a very defined process and clearly details the steps to take people from problem to prize. The framework allows you to have a very focused delivery, where you put people through a specific process focused on creating impact. 

Your signature solution will instil greater confidence in your clients. By showing them the journey you are going to take them on, showing that you have a defined process to take them from problem to prize, you immediately instil a sense of confidence in your client. Confidence that you are the person to help, and solve their problems. Everyone loves a plan and having the confidence that you have a solid plan will make the decision to work with you so much easier. 

Your signature solution is going to give you a sense of peace and sanity. No longer are you reinventing the wheel with every client. Having a solution with a defined process, clearly identifying the results and benefits you provide is going to streamline your business. It is going to reduce the amount of stress caused by a lack of time, inefficiencies in the business and low profit margins.  

Your clients will love your signature solution and so will you, as it allows you to enjoy the value you are providing without the stress. 

Delivering consistently 

A signature solution provides consistency across many areas of your business. 

The results you provide, the process to follow and the benefits of working with you are all clearly developed as part of your signature solution. This ensures that you have consistency in your messaging that you put onto social media, when talking with prospective clients, and in any of your marketing campaigns. 

Consistency in messaging brings a consistent flow of clients. Your signature solution clearly displays the results you provide and, having confidence that you have a defined process to follow, you will be able to develop a consistent flow of clients that you want to work with. 

With consistent messaging and clients comes a consistent cash flow. You will  step off the cash flow roller coaster and be confident that you have the clients and cash flow coming in to allow you to live the lifestyle you desire. 

This is an extract from the book Leverage Your Expertise

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