Leverage your expertise

How we help

Mavenzeal offers a comprehensive suite of services to help you successfully join the Edupreneur Revolution. Using our 7-step methodology, it’s easier than ever to leverage your expertise and turn it into well-crafted, superb learning experiences.

Do it yourself

Undertake the journey with our guidance

Confident in your skills and knowledge in learning design and how to use the relevant tools and technology? Then our self-study program is ideal for you. Access our collection of courses through our Academy, with a range of tools and templates to get you started with a do-it-yourself educational program. Work through the program at your pace, building the programs as quickly as you want to leverage your expertise.

Do it with you

Join our Accelerator program

Want some support and guidance on your edupreneur journey? Then our accelerator program designed to leverage your expertise is ideal for you. Working with one of our Learning Designers we will coach you through the process and undertake some of the work for you during the process. You also get to be part of our superb Edupreneur community, getting support from fellow course creators on your journey to getting your courses online.

Do it for you

Avoid the tech headaches with our managed services

Want your digital learning experience created for you? Our managed services takes away all of the headaches with getting your courses online. Our team of superb designers and developers will take your knowledge and craft it into a superb learning experience. Along the way, our marketing team will switch on the marketing machine and start getting attention and enrolments to your course. We just need you at the start and then be ready for the launch.